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Presidential Initiatives

Recreation One-Stop

Program Manager

John Snyder

Managing Partner

Department of the Interior (DOI)


The Recreation One-Stop initiative will make it easier for citizens to plan a vacation (or a brief recreational break during a business trip), and make a reservation for a campsite, cabin, or tour at Federal recreation sites.

The two major goals of the initiative are to provide:
  • a customer-friendly recreation portal ( with information for planning visits to Federal recreation sites and making campground/tour reservations
  • consistent information about Federal recreation areas via different channels (databases, websites, and publications), by standardizing data and interfacing recreation-related computer systems

Progress to Date

  • 3,200 Federal recreation areas/facilities described in
  • National Recreation Reservation Service(NRRS) expanded to include reservations National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, and Bureau of Reclamation facilities and activities
  • Interagency data standards for recreation (RecML) adopted
  • Enterprise Architecture documentation developed to guide consolidation of fragmented computer systems
  • Recreation Modernization Blueprint adopted by Department of the Interior (DOI) to interface/consolidate more than 20 existing systems based on Enterprise Architecture documentation
  • Implemented the new NRRS contract consolidating two separate reservation systems ( and with the relaunch of the portal
  • Initiated outreach about new reservation service to current customers
  • Adopted interagency Federal data standards for campgrounds and tours
  • Implemented version 2.0 of Recreation Information Data Base (RIDB)
  • Interface/terminated DOI systems according to Recreation Modernization Blueprint

Next Steps

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Recreation One-Stop Metrics

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Citizens looking for information on-line often have to sift through myriad government web pages to find out about recreation sites available for their use. Moreover, government data collected for other purposes that might be useful to recreation enthusiasts (e.g., stream and river water-level data for fishermen and boaters) has not been made easily available to the general public.

Recreation One-Stop has improved access to Federal recreation-related information and streamlined the systems used to manage that information, by consolidating the “legacy” websites for,, and The new portal, provides a comprehensive source of information about recreational opportunities at over 3,200 Federal places.

Through Recreation One-Stop, citizens are able to:

  • Obtain information about Federal parks, museums, monuments, historical landmarks, and other recreation sites including hours of operation, fees, public accommodations and services
  • Make reservations, order passes, and conduct other service transactions on-line
  • Access government-collected data relevant to recreation activities
  • Link to related information and services provided by non-Federal partners, especially state tourism agencies

Results of Recreation One-Stop include:

  • A new National Recreation Reservation Service (NRRS) providing recreation reservation services and trip planning information for Federal recreation sites
  • The Recreation Information Data Base (RIDB), a warehouse of information about Federal recreation sites with the ability to export the data to state tourism portals and recreation-related businesses in the private sector
  • Data standards for recreation-related information provided by the Federal government
  • Blueprints for interfacing different recreation-related computer systems, based on the Federal Enterprise Architecture