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The Technology Measurement Area is designed to capture key elements of performance that directly relate to the IT initiative. An IT initiative generally can include applications, infrastructure, or services provided in support of a process or program.

  • Quality The extent to which technology satisfies functionality or capability requirements or best practices, and complies with standards.
  • Reliability & Availability System or application capacity, availability to users, and system or application failures.
  • Financial (Technology) Technology-related costs and costs avoided through reducing or eliminating IT redundancies.
  • Information & Data Data or information sharing, standardization, reliability and quality, and storage capacity.
  • Efficiency System or application performance in terms of response time, interoperability, user accessibility, and improvement in technical capabilities or characteristics
  • Effectiveness Extent to which users are satisfied with the relevant application or system, whether it meets user requirements, and its impact on the performance of the process(es) it enables and the customer or mission results to which it contributes.