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The Processes and Activities Measurement Area is intended to capture the outputs that are the direct result of the process that an IT initiative supports. These outputs are much more under the control of federal programs and generally contribute to or influence outcomes that are Mission and Business Results and Customer Results. This Measurement Area also captures key aspects of processes or activities that need to be monitored and/or improved.

  • Productivity and Efficiency The amount of work accomplished per relevant units of time and resources applied.
  • Quality Error rates and complaints related to products or services.
  • Financial (Processes and Activities) Achieving financial measures, direct and indirect total and per unit costs of producing products and services, and costs saved or avoided.
  • Cycle Time and Timeliness The time required to produce products or services
  • Management and Innovation Management policies and procedures, compliance with applicable requirements, capabilities in risk mitigation, knowledge management, and continuous improvement.
  • Security and Privacy The extent to which security is improved and privacy addressed.