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Detailed Budget Estimates by Agency:

           Explanation of Estimates (79 KB)
           Government-Wide General Provisions (91 KB)
           Legislative Branch (236 KB)
           Judicial Branch (138 KB)
           Department of Agriculture (875 KB)
           Department of Commerce (319 KB)
           Department of Defense-Military (671 KB)
           Department of Education (292 KB)
           Department of Energy (305 KB)
           Department of Health and Human Services (341 KB)
           Department of Homeland Security (305 KB)
           Department of Housing and Urban Development (375 KB)
           Department of the Interior (567 KB)
           Department of Justice (314 KB)
           Department of Labor (264 KB)
           Department of State (204 KB)
           Department of Transportation (444 KB)
           Department of the Treasury (331 KB)
           Department of Veterans Affairs (283 KB)
           Corps of Engineers (157 KB)
           Other Defense-Civil Programs (114 KB)
           Environmental Protection Agency (149 KB)
           Executive Office of the President (105 KB)
           General Services Administration (155 KB)
           International Assistance Programs (339 KB)
           National Aeronautics and Space Administration (118 KB)
           National Science Foundation (93 KB)
           Office of Personnel Management (132 KB)
           Small Business Administration (130 KB)
           Social Security Administration (113 KB)
           Other Independent Agencies (772 KB)

Other Materials:

           Amendments to and Revisions in Budget Authority for 2003 (31 KB)
           Advance Appropriations, Advance Funding, and Forward Funding (35 KB)

Financing Vehicles and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve (69 KB)

Government-Sponsored Enterprises (114 KB)

Index (199 KB)