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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
June 8, 2007

Press Gaggle by Dan Bartlett to the Travel Pool
International G8 Filing Center
Heiligendamm, Germany

12:13 P.M. (Local)

MR. BARTLETT: The President has just returned to the talks. After having an opportunity to rest, he feels rejuvenated. The suspicion is that it was some sort of bug, probably more viral in nature and highly unlikely to be anything related to food or anything he ate -- just think it's something that may be running through the system. Mrs. Bush, a couple days ago, didn't feel very well herself; didn't stop any of her activities.

So most likely that it's just a bug that he's managing through. He's not a hundred percent, but he felt well enough to return to the talks and looks forward to completing the session currently underway, as well as some of the bilats that he was scheduled to have today -- you know, pull-asides that were informally arranged. And they have a lunch coming up, as well. So back on schedule and fully expecting to remain on schedule for the remainder of the trip.

Q Did the President eat anything unusual in the last 24 hours?

MR. BARTLETT: Doesn't believe so. And, again, he woke up this morning initially feeling fine.

Q Dan, was he concerned about perhaps offending his host, Chancellor Merkel, with the suggestion that he was sickened by the food here at the summit?

MR. BARTLETT: It was not his suggestion, it was my suggestion -- which turned out to be -- I didn't confirm it then, but doesn't believe it to be related to the food.

Q Is Poland all on schedule?

MR. BARTLETT: I'm sorry?

Q Everything in Poland on schedule?

Q Yes.

Q Can you talk about the pull-asides, who he's supposed to do this with? China and --

MR. BARTLETT: We'll readout on the back end, because I'm not sure -- just to make sure that they all take place. So if there's anything to report on that, we will.

Q Is there one scheduled with China?

MR. BARTLETT: Like I said, if there's anything to report on that, we will.

Q Is he taking any medication?

MR. BARTLETT: I don't have the details on that, and we typically don't disclose the details of the type of medical care the President is receiving. We'll just say, again, obviously he feels well enough to continue with his full activities. And, like I said, he was able to conduct the bilateral talk with President Sarkozy and looks forward to the meetings that are underway right now.

Q Is he still watching the immigration debate, or has he turned his attention totally to this?

MR. BARTLETT: He's been fully briefed on the activities of the last 24 hours. Again, as I said previously, we call on Senator Reid to move forward with this legislation that is an important debate for the American people to have; but it's also important for the debate to proceed, and the best way to proceed is for Republicans and Democrats to come together and vote on this legislation and then we can move it into the House of Representatives.

Q Any movement on a deal on Kosovo?

MR. BARTLETT: I have nothing to report on that.

Q Do you know what he missed, which meetings at the G8 he missed this morning?

MR. BARTLETT: I understand it was Africa -- part of the Africa outreach meetings.*

Q Did he miss any bilats?

MR. BARTLETT: Nothing that I have a report on.

Q As the keeper of the record, has he ever -- do you know if he has ever canceled a business meeting before, or any political meeting because of sickness?

MR. BARTLETT: Canceled? Not while on travel. I can't speak specifically to meetings that were scheduled in the White House that may have been reorganized. But I can't recall a meeting while traveling that has been -- and like I said, all we did here was we changed the venue of one meeting and he arrived late for another. He feels terrible about any disruption he may have caused to Chancellor Merkel's proceedings here and he's glad that he could return as quickly as he did.

END 12:18 P.M. (Local)

* Dana Perino clarified that in addition to missing the African Outreach meeting, the President missed the O5 Outreach meeting.