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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
July 10, 2006

Fact Sheet: Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba Report to the President

     Fact sheet President's Statement on Second Report of the Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba

President Approves CAFC II Report.

The Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba, co-chaired by Secretaries Rice and Gutierrez, presented two new documents to the President today -- the Compact with the Cuban People and the report from the commission. The President approved the report and directed the implementation of its recommendations. He instructed the commission to provide quarterly reports on the plan's implementation.

The Compact with the Cuban People

  • A message of hope from the United States to the people of Cuba.
  • A clear statement of principles to reassure Cubans that the U.S. stands with them in their desire for freedom.
  • The Compact directly speaks to the Cuban people.
  • The message to Cubans is that they will be secure in their homes and can count on friendship and concrete help from the United States as they move to a democratic transition, including humanitarian aid and assistance in economic recovery, and in conducting free elections.

The Second Report of the Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba (CAFC II)

  • This document sets forth specific assistance and programs the United States can offer to advance freedom and democracy in Cuba.
  • Implementation of the CAFC II recommendations will hasten the day Cubans will be free to elect their leaders. The recommendations include:

    • Empower Cubans to prepare for change.
      We will encourage and support Cubans who want change by providing uncensored information through conventional and satellite broadcasts, the internet and by strengthening democratic movements. Over the next two fiscal years, 2007-2008, $80 million will be provided to support these activities.
    • Build support for transition to a legitimate, democratic government.
      We will work to build on the momentum created by Cubans themselves for genuine democratic change in their country by encouraging other democracies to support the right of Cubans to define a democratic future for Cuba.
    • Undermine regime finances and survival strategies.
      We will improve enforcement of existing sanctions to maintain economic pressure on the regime to limit its ability to sustain itself and repress the Cuban people.
    • Planning support for a Cuban Transition Government.
      We will be prepared to offer prioritized assistance to a Cuban transition government that moves rapidly to free and fair multiparty elections, and we will update and adapt our preparations to keep pace with Cubans themselves in an ongoing process to support Cubans in their transition to freedom.


  • The report details assistance the United States Government will offer to a Cuban Transition Government:

    • Humanitarian needs: Preparing to help a Cuban Transition Government begin to address the immediate water, sanitation, health, food, shelter and education needs of the Cuban people.
    • Free and fair elections: Helping Cubans overcome obstacles and create a stable, open environment where free and fair elections can take place.
    • Market-based economic opportunities: Helping to stabilize the Cuban macroeconomic condition and fostering conditions for private enterprise to grow.

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