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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
June 30, 2006

President Bush and Prime Minister Koizumi Participate in Photo-Op with Mrs. Bush, Priscilla Presley, and Lisa Marie Presley
Memphis, Tennessee

     Fact sheet Visit by Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi

10:38 A.M. CDT

PRESIDENT BUSH: It is such a joy to be here to Graceland. It's my first visit.

PRIME MINISTER KOIZUMI: My first visit, too.

PRESIDENT BUSH: The Prime Minister's first visit.

PRIME MINISTER KOIZUMI: It's like a dream, with President Bush and Presley's daughter.

PRESIDENT BUSH: Thank you all for greeting us. You're awfully kind to be here.

PRIME MINISTER KOIZUMI: You look like Elvis.

MS. LISA MARIE PRESLEY: (Speaks Japanese.)

PRESIDENT BUSH: The visit here is an indication of how well-known Elvis was around the world. A lot of people are still singing Elvis Presley songs here in the states and there's a lot of people who love Elvis Presley in Japan, including the Prime Minister. This visit is also a way of reminding us about the close friendship between our peoples.

And, Mr. Prime Minister, thank you for agreeing to come here. A lot of Americans are thrilled you're here, particularly at Graceland. It means a lot to our country that you would be that interested in one of America's icons, Elvis Presley.

PRIME MINISTER KOIZUMI: My birthday is the same as Elvis.

PRESIDENT BUSH: You and Elvis were born on the same day?


PRIME MINISTER KOIZUMI: Even now, I often listen to Elvis CDs.

PRESIDENT BUSH: Still listen to Elvis CDs?


PRESIDENT BUSH: You're a pretty good Elvis singer.

PRIME MINISTER KOIZUMI: I'm not impersonator. (Sings Elvis songs.)

PRESIDENT BUSH: I thought you were going to do "Blue Suede Shoes." Thank you.

END 10:40 A.M. CDT