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For Immediate Release
February 21, 2005

Global Message

From interviews with TV-3 France, ARD-German TV, Slovak State Television, VRT Belgian Public Broadcasting, and Itar-Tass, 2/18/05

In Europe, President Bush will emphasize the fact that Europe and America share the values of human rights, human dignity, rule of law, minority rights, and respect for women.

The values shared between the United States and Europe should unite our voices so we are heard in parts of the world that are troubled, like Iran and Syria.

The U.S. government wants diplomacy to work with Iran and Syria. It can work as long as Iran does not divide Europe and the United States.

Iran must stop exporting terror through Hezbollah, which could be a devastating blow to the peace process between Israel and the Palestinian people.

Iran should open the country to more democracy and freedom so their people can express themselves freely.

President Bush applauds European efforts to continue to send a clear message to Iran regarding nuclear weapons. If we continue to speak with one voice, the objective can be achieved.

Iran should not have a nuclear weapon. America has said this - along with the British, the French, and the Germans. We have a common mission.