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For Immediate Release
October 7, 2004

Global Message

The Duelfer report shows Saddam Hussein's efforts to hinder international inspectors, preserve his weapons of mass destruction capabilities, and reconstitute his WMD programs. The report shows that Saddam Hussein:

  • Retained the intent and capability for WMD;
  • Was pursuing an aggressive strategy to subvert the U.N. Oil-for-Food Program and bring down U.N. sanctions through illicit finance and procurement schemes;
  • Intended to resume WMD efforts once U.N. sanctions were eliminated;
  • Was in material breach of numerous United Nations Security Council resolutions -- including Resolution 1441.
  • Directed his Foreign Ministry to formulate and implement a strategy aimed at United Nations Security Council members and international public opinion to end sanctions and undermine the subsequent Oil-For-Food program;
  • Personally approved the recipients of an oil voucher distribution system designed to influence other nations and individuals to lift U.N. sanctions and help Saddam import prohibited materials;
  • Created a network of front companies and relationships to help pursue the regime's military reconstitution efforts, and evade or end U.N. sanctions;
  • Through illicit streams amassed about $11 billion in revenue from the early 1990s to 2003 outside U.N.-approved methods;
  • Intended to reconstitute his WMD programs once sanctions were eliminated; and
  • Was importing illegal military and dual-use goods in violation of U.N. sanctions.