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For Immediate Release
June 22, 2004

Global Message

From remarks by Iraqi Prime Minister Allawi, Baghdad, 6/20/04

There is a continued presence of saboteurs in Iraq, which include elements of Saddam and his former regime and foreign elements.

The enemies of Iraq continue with their sabotage and attacks on oil, power, and water facilities and other basic and necessary services. They continue with their attempts to influence Iraqis' daily lives and the country's economic development.

These saboteurs oppose the aspirations of the Iraqi people and are trying to obstruct the holding of national elections. Many of these elements are financed by foreign parties from outside.

The Iraqi government is determined to confront these enemies. Iraq will use its forces and resolve to ensure that the Iraqi people enjoy security, stability, prosperity, and democracy.

Iraqi police will be in the front line in this battle against the enemies of Iraq. Special police units have been trained and equipped with all the necessary tools to confront terrorism and control riots and rebellions.

The Iraqi Interim Government is very grateful to the forces of friendly countries, which have helped liberate Iraqis from a vicious regime.

The current conflict is an Iraqi conflict, first and foremost. The international community can contribute in a very important manner by providing Iraq with the necessary sources for training and the necessary equipment for the Iraqi security forces.

Until Iraq's forces restore their full capability, the country will remain in need of the support of the friendly multinational forces, and also of Arab and Islamic countries.