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For Immediate Release
June 3, 2004

Global Message
Excerpts from an interview with Paris Match Magazine, 5/28/04
From remarks by President Bush at a joint press availability in The Rose Garden, 6/3/04

Excerpts from an interview with Paris Match Magazine, 5/28/04

"You know, after World War II a lot of people didn't think Germany could be free and democratic; nor Japan. And there were people that just didn't believe it was true. Fortunately, there were optimists and people who adhered to their principles and value systems, based upon rule of law and democracy, justice. And they had the day; they ruled the day, fortunately, their opinions did. So that now some of our strongest allies in the war are Germany and Japan. No, it's never too late to believe people can be free."

"I've never been angry at the French. France has been a long-time ally, and ... now is the time to work together to promote the values we believe in, which is human rights and human dignity and rule of law and freedom and justice."

"I believe that the United States must continue to work with other nations. And there are a lot of nations working in Afghanistan and in Iraq to not only deal with terror ... but also to spread freedom. Free societies are peaceful societies, free societies are hopeful societies."

"The capture of Saddam was a satisfying moment...It was satisfying because it was part of our mission, was to free the people from this brutal dictator."

"I'll tell you a great moment in my presidency ... The other day seven people came in to see me. They had had their right hands cut off by Saddam Hussein. ... And then they had an X carved in their foreheads ... They were so grateful to the United States and the free world for liberating their country from Saddam Hussein, and incredibly grateful to the generosity of these individual Americans who decided to do something about their plight. Now, those are the kind of great moments I love."

From remarks by President Bush at a joint press availability in The Rose Garden, 6/3/04

The United States and Australia were allies in every major conflict of the last century.

Americans will never forget the vicious attack in Bali which claimed the lives of dozens of innocent Australians.

Today, Australians and Americans are standing together on the front lines of freedom. As members of the common coalition, our two nations helped to free the people of Afghanistan and Iraq from the grip of tyranny.

The United States and Australia are committed to the principles of human dignity.

Australia and the United States have never been closer. Our closeness is based on a shared belief in the power of freedom and democracy to change lives.