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For Immediate Release
May 3, 2004

Global Message

From President Bush's Radio Address, 5/1/04

Our coalition is implementing a clear strategy in Iraq.

First, we will ensure an atmosphere of security as Iraqis move toward self-government.

Our coalition supports the efforts of local Iraqis to negotiate the disarmament of the radicals in Fallujah. We have also made it clear that militias in Najaf and elsewhere must disarm or face grave consequences.

American and coalition forces are in place, and are prepared to enforce order in Iraq.

The second element of our strategy is to return sovereignty to the people of Iraq on the schedule that we agreed to with the Iraqi Governing Council.

Like any proud people, Iraqis want to manage their own affairs -- and that is a goal we share.

On June 30th, a sovereign Iraqi interim government will take office. Iraqis will assume all administrative duties now performed by the coalition.

Since February, United Nations Special Advisor Lakhdar Brahimi has been consulting with Iraqis on how best to form that interim government. The United States fully supports his mission.

We will finish our work in Iraq, because the stakes for our country and the world are high.

The failure of Iraqi democracy would embolden terrorists around the globe, increase dangers to the American people, and extinguish the hopes of millions in the Middle East.

The success of Iraqi democracy would send forth the news, from Damascus to Tehran, that freedom can be the future of every nation.