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For Immediate Release
February 17, 2004

Global Message

From President Bush's Radio Address, 2/14/04

The terrorist attacks of 9/11 showed us the harm terrorists could do with box cutters, mace and 19 airline tickets. It also raised the prospect of what they could do with weapons of mass destruction. This is the greatest threat before humanity today.

America faces the possibility of catastrophic attack from ballistic missiles armed with weapons of mass destruction so we are developing and deploying missile defenses to guard our people.

The best intelligence is necessary to win the war on terror and to stop proliferation. Therefore, we are improving and adapting our intelligence capabilities to handle new and emerging threats.

We are using every means of diplomacy possible to confront the regimes that develop deadly weapons.

We are cooperating with more than a dozen nations, under the Proliferation Security Initiative, to interdict lethal materials transported by land, sea or air.

We have shown our willingness to use force when required. Now, no one can doubt the determination of the United States to oppose and end these threats to our security.

We are aggressively pursuing black-market operatives who sell equipment and expertise related to weapons of mass destruction.

President Bush has proposed steps to build on the country's recent success against proliferation, including the expansion of international cooperation of law enforcement organizations to act against proliferation networks.