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For Immediate Release
November 26, 2003

Global Message

From the Coalition Provisional Authority, Iraq

Since the devastating events of 9/11, terrorists have struck in Bali, Jakarta, Casablanca, Bombay, Mombassa, Najaf, Jerusalem, Riyadh, Baghdad and Istanbul.

If we do not take the fight to the terrorists and demonstrate our strong will to face them, there will be more attacks -- and more victims.

Our troops are fighting and winning every day. Not every action draws great media attention, but in one 24-hour period last weekend, soldiers: *Conducted 2,043 patrols *Conducted 16 raids *Captured 102 anti-coalition suspects

Also last weekend, 50 Iraqi Civil Defense Corps soldiers graduated, joining the fight for a free Iraq, and demonstrating Iraqis' continued commitment to protecting themselves from remnants of Saddam Hussein's regime and from terrorists.

Operation Iron Hammer projects in the Baathist Triangle of Iraq include repairs to sewer lines the rehabilitation of two sewer pumping stations..

Operation Ivy Cyclone included a reconstruction project at the Al Ramadi General Hospital; the opening of the Ramadi Women and Children's Center; rehabilitation of the West Fallujah water treatment facility; establishment of the Fallujah Cultural House; and installation of Internet connections at public libraries and at the university in Diyala Province.