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For Immediate Release
November 25, 2003

Global Message

From remarks by President Bush, Fort Carson, Colorado, 11/24/03

The events of September 11, 2001, changed our Nation. We awakened to new dangers and we accepted new responsibilities.

Last week, we saw the terrorists' cruelty again in the murders in Istanbul.

Today, all responsible nations are united in a great cause and we won't rest until we bring these committed killers to justice.

We are fighting the war against terror on many fronts. Terrorists hide and strike within free societies, so we are draining their bank accounts, disrupting their plans and hunting them down until they are no longer a threat.

Terrorists need places to hide, to plot and to train, so we are holding the allies of terror to account. With a Coalition, we went to Afghanistan, destroyed al-Qaida's training camps and put the Taliban out of business.

Our mission in Iraq and Afghanistan is clear to our service members and clear to our enemies: America's military is fighting to secure the freedom of more than 50 million people who recently lived under two of the cruelest dictatorships on earth.

American forces in Iraq are joined by about 24,000 troops from 32 other countries. Together, we are helping the Iraqi people move steadily toward a free and democratic society.

Economic life is being restored to the cities of Iraq. A new Iraqi currency is circulating; local governments are up and running; and Iraq will soon begin the process of drafting a constitution, with free elections to follow. As Iraq rejoins the world, it will demonstrate the power of freedom and hope to overcome resentment and hatred.