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Renewal in Iraq

For Immediate Release
September 8, 2003

Global Message


President Bush is leading an international coalition in fighting the global War on Terror. Iraq is a vital front in the War on Terror, and President Bush has worked to ensure that the international community is addressing the challenges in Iraq.

Through UN Security Council Resolution 1441, the Iraqi regime was given one last chance last September to comply with previous resolutions. Dozens of nations joined the coalition to remove the Saddam Hussein regime from power.

After the conflict, the United States led the effort to work with the international community through UN Security Council Resolution 1483, which encouraged nations to contribute to the peacekeeping and stability efforts; and through Resolution 1500 which welcomed the creation of the Iraqi Governing Council. Forty countries have responded and are helping the Iraqi people build security and sovereignty in their nation.

The Bush Administration has begun a diplomatic initiative to generate additional international support for the rebuilding of Iraq. Secretary Powell has begun consultations with UN Security Council members on a new resolution.

The U.S. would head the unified command structure of a United Nations-authorized multinational force. The resolution also calls upon the United States - as the leader of the military coalition - to report on a regular basis to the United Nations. Because of the extensive resources on the ground, the United States will continue to play a dominant role through Ambassador Bremer and the Coalition Provisional Authority, as well as the U.S. military force presence.

The Administration expects a candid dialogue and discussion process with Security Council members, and we will listen to and work with them constructively toward the shared goal of building a free, stable, and democratic Iraq.