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Renewal in Iraq

For Immediate Release
July 31, 2003

Global Message

From President Bush's press conference remarks, 7/30/03

It's been 90 days since major combat operations ended in Iraq. In that time, Iraq has been liberated from tyranny and is on the path to self-government and peace.

The new 25-member Iraqi Governing Council is meeting regularly, local police forces are being trained, and citizens are being recruited into a new Iraqi military.

Soon, they will begin drafting a new constitution and free elections will follow.

After decades of oppression, the people of Iraq are reclaiming their country and their future.

Some areas of Iraq still experience the violent remnants of Saddam Hussein's regime, joined by terrorists and criminals. They are making a last attempt to frighten the Iraqi people and to undermine the resolve of our coalition. They will fail.

Our Coalition forces are taking the fight to the enemy in an unrelenting campaign that is bringing daily results.

Saddam Hussein's sons did not escape justice, and neither will other members of the regime.

The rise of a free and peaceful Iraq is critical to the stability of the Middle East, and a stable Middle East is critical to the security of the American people.

As Iraqis gain confidence that the former regime is gone forever, we will gain more cooperation in our search for the truth in Iraq.

Slowly but surely, we're making progress in bringing those who terrorize their fellow citizens to justice, and making progress in convincing the Iraqi people that their new freedom is real.