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For Immediate Release
March 2, 2007

December 20, 2002

Global Message


  • The UN Security Council unanimously passed Resolution 1441 requiring Iraq to disarm itself of its weapons of mass destruction and disclose all of its nuclear, chemical, biological and missile programs.
  • The Iraqi declaration fails to meet these requirements. Our experts have found it to be anything but currently accurate, full or complete.
  • The pattern of systematic holes and gaps in Iraq's declaration is not the result of accidents or editing oversights or technical mistakes. They are material omissions that constitute another material breach.
  • On the basis of the evidence before us, our path for the coming weeks is clear: o We will continue to audit and examine the Iraqi declaration to understand the full extent of Iraq's failure to meet its disclosure obligations. o Inspectors must be allowed to conduct interviews with scientists and other witnesses outside of Iraq where they can speak freely. o Inspection efforts inside Iraq must be intensified.
  • The burden remains on Iraq to cooperate fully and prove to the international community whether it does or does not have weapons of mass destruction. We are convinced they do until they prove to us otherwise.
  • We will continue to consult with our friends, with our allies and with all members of the Security Council on how to compel compliance by Iraq with the will of the international community.