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Operation Iraqi Freedom

For Immediate Release
April 30, 2003

Global Message

In southern Iraq, the Al Basrah oil refinery restarted operations April 29 and will begin refining propane, benzene, and gasoline for the people of Iraq. Propane is the principal fuel for cooking in Iraq.

On April 29, USAID reported that repairs have improved the efficiency of two major water plants in Al Basrah from a pre-war level of 35 percent to 80 percent or greater.

According to the Humanitarian Operations Center, water in Baghdad is reported to be flowing to 85 percent of the city.

Power plants in Baghdad are currently generating 450 megawatts of electricity daily. This has enabled the operation of the substations at all sixteen water treatment plants, 24 of 26 wastewater treatment plants, and 11 of 12 major public hospitals. One quarter of Baghdad now has electricity.