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Operation Iraqi Freedom

For Immediate Release
April 25, 2003

Global Message

Key Points From The President's Remarks in Lima, Ohio, 4/24/03

America has applied the might of our country to the cause of freedom. We gave our word that the threat from the Iraqi regime would be ended, and with the support of our allies, we have kept our word.

American and Coalition forces still face danger in Iraq. Our enemy is now Scattered but still capable of doing harm. We will not lose our focus, and will press on until our mission is complete.

We value the lives and liberty of the Iraqi people, and we are pressing forward with the critical and difficult work of relief and reconstruction. Iraq is recovering not just from weeks of conflict, but from decades of totalitarian rule.

We have faith in the Iraqi people. They have the resources, talent, and desire to live in peace and freedom - and they will have a consistent friend in the United States.

Coalition forces and officials are working around the clock to deliver humanitarian aid, restore basic services, and put Iraq on the road to self government. America will stay as long as it takes to complete our mission, and then our military forces will leave.

Step by step Iraqi citizens are reclaiming their own country. They are identifying former official guilty of crimes and volunteering for citizen patrols to provide security. Many are reviving religious rituals long-forbidden by the old regime, and speaking their mind in public - a sure sign that a new day has come.

Freedom may not always be neat and orderly, but it is the right of every person in every nation. As new Iraqi leaders emerge, we will work with them. We will not impose a government upon Iraq, but will help that nation build a government of, by, and for the Iraqi people.