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Operation Iraqi Freedom

For Immediate Release
April 22, 2003

Global Message

The overall situation in Iraq is improving daily, but Coalition forces still face resistance from remnants of Saddams death squads and foreign fighters who came to oppose Coalition forces.

As we work to remove remaining elements of the former regime, the Iraqi people are emerging from the shadow of Saddams tyranny to help Coalition forces find death squads, uncover weapons caches, capture regime leaders, recover POWs, and restore order and basic services.

This kind of cooperation is happening on a daily basis, across the county - a sign of the growing trust between Coalition forces and the majority of ordinary Iraqis.

Of course, not all Iraqis support the Coalition presence. In any totalitarian system, there will be a small portion of the population that profits from the power of the dictatorship, while some others may be ordinary citizens who are understandably uncomfortable with the presence of any foreign forces on their soil.

A few weeks ago, there were no protests in Iraq. Now, Iraqis are speaking out, expressing opinions, discussing and debating the future of their country. They can do so because of the courage and determination of the Coalition forces.