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For Immediate Release
April 21, 2003

Treasury Secretary John Snow Discusses Jobs and Growth Plan in Latin America

On Monday evening, in Brazil, Treasury Secretary John Snow delivered the following statement, "We want the president's full package and $550 billion is the minimum number. We want to make sure that all of the components of the president's plan are in the final package. Our preferred option is to go to the president's full package immediately. We'll continue to press for the biggest number we can get. We're not giving up on persuading additional people in the Senate that a bigger number makes sense.

Statement by the Treasury Spokesman, Rob Nichols

As the President has said, we are committed to a jobs and growth package of at least $550 billion in tax relief that includes all of the elements the President has proposed, including 100% exclusion of the double tax on dividends and all the tax rate reductions already approved by Congress in 2001 - relief which will immediately help millions of Americans and especially small businessmen and women. There are many ways to achieve the President's priorities, and we will work with Congress in the weeks ahead to determine the best way to achieve those priorities.