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Excerpts from the Press Briefing by Claire Buchan, April 17, 2003 (Full Transcript)

QUESTION: Claire, can you talk about -- confirm or just address the New York Times story that says that the administration is weighing keeping up policy towards Cuba, adding sanctions, and sort of responding to the crackdown in Cuba?

MS. BUCHAN: The United States has clearly condemned the Cuban regime's crackdown on independent civil society. It's important to note that the international attention and condemnation against Cuba; the U.N. Human Rights Commission has passed a resolution expressing concern about the human rights situation in Cuba. Secretary Powell recently denounced this most significant act of political repression in decades. And he called on Castro to end the repression and free the prisoners of conscience.

Cuba's efforts to silence voices of opposition only make our policy goal of encouraging rapid, peaceful transition to democracy more relevant and more urgent, and we'll continue to work with independent Cuban civil society and with the Cuban people; and are willing to consider steps to advance that policy goal in this climate.

QUESTION: Is that a long, not aware of any new measures being considered to punish Cuba?

MS. BUCHAN: It is as I said.