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Operation Iraqi Freedom

For Immediate Release
April 10, 2003

Global Message

Wednesday was a good day for the Iraqi people, and the progress of the Coalition forces has been nothing short of spectacular. Yet there is no question there are difficult and dangerous days ahead.

Coalition forces secured Iraq's southern oil fields for the Iraqi people, took out terrorist camps, and secured large sections of Western Iraq to prevent the regime from attacking its neighbors with Scud missiles. They have liberated cities and towns, and are now in the Iraqi capital removing the Iraqi regime from its seat of power and center of gravity.

As Iraqis see the Coalition's progress, they are losing their fear of this vicious regime. Much work remains, but the tide is turning.

We must begin the process of working with freed Iraqis and Iraqi exiles returning home to establish an Iraqi Interim Authority and help to pave the way for a new Iraqi government - chosen by the Iraqi people, based on democratic principles of political freedom, individual liberty and the rule of law.

The regime has been dealt a serious blow. To those Iraqi people who are not yet free, you will be free soon. We are committed to your freedom, your future and to seeing this effort through. We will not stop until Saddam Hussein's regime has been removed from every corner of your country.