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Operation Iraqi Freedom

For Immediate Release
April 2, 2003

Global Message

It has been 13 days since the major ground war began. In this short time, Coalition forces have taken control of most of western and southern Iraq, seized key bridges, opened a northern front, achieved complete air superiority, and we are delivering tons of humanitarian aid.

By quick and decisive action, our troops are preventing Saddam Hussein from destroying the Iraqi people's oil fields. Our forces moved into Iraqi missile launch areas that threatened neighboring countries. Many dangers lie ahead, but day by day, we are moving closer to Baghdad and closer to victory.

Our victory will mean the end of a tyrant who rules by fear and torture and will remove a sponsor of terror, armed with weapons of terror. Our victory will uphold the just demands of the United Nations and the civilized world. And when victory comes, it will be shared by the long-suffering people of Iraq, who deserve freedom and dignity.

The Iraqi regime has ruled with fear as a tool of domination to the end. Many Iraqis have been ordered to fight or die by Saddam's death squads. Others are pressed into service by threats against their children. Civilians attempting to flee to liberated areas have been shot from behind by Saddam's thugs.

Our enemies are desperate and dangerous. The dying regime in Iraq and other parts of the global terror network may try to bring terror to American shores. The United States and allied troops are shattering the al Qaeda network, meeting threats and acting to prevent dangers.

The people of Iraq have lived in this nightmare world for more than two decades. Fear and distrust run deep.

We give this pledge to the citizens of Iraq: We're coming with a mighty force to end the reign of your oppressors. We are coming to bring you food and medicine and a better life, and we will not relent until your country is free.