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November 14, 2002

Deputy Press Secretary Discusses Threat Level
Excerpt from Press Briefing
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While there is no plan at this time to raise the threat level, we do remain concerned about recent intelligence reporting, as well as the audio tape received earlier this week, no matter whose voice it is that is on that audio tape.

Because of this concern, federal agencies are taking a variety of additional steps to ramp up our protection and prevention measures, as well as communicating with state and local law enforcement and the private sector to inform them of our assessment of the latest information.

If you'll recall, in early October, there was a release of tapes recorded by bin Laden, as well as Zawahiri, and increased intelligence reporting against our critical infrastructure, transportation systems, and the American people and our friends and allies. That led us to issue several public warnings about the heightened possibility of either a large-scale or several small-scale attacks on the United States at home or against our interests abroad. At that time, we began a coordinated effort among all levels of the government and the private sector to reduce our vulnerability and increase our preparedness levels, based on the new threat information. And that information has not stopped and will be ongoing for the foreseeable future.