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For Immediate Release
November 9, 2002

Global Message


  • The United Nations Security Council has met important responsibilities, upheld its principles and given clear and fair notice that Saddam Hussein must fully disclose and destroy any weapons of mass destruction.

  • Saddam must submit to any and all methods to verify his compliance, and his cooperation must be prompt and unconditional, or he will face the severest consequences.

  • The world has now come together to say the outlaw regime in Iraq will not be permitted to build or possess chemical, biological or nuclear weapons. The world must insist that that judgment be enforced.

  • Any Iraqi noncompliance is serious, because such bad faith will show that Iraq has no intention of disarming. If we're to avert war, all nations must continue to pressure Saddam Hussein to accept this resolution and to comply with its obligations and his obligations.

  • In fighting a war on terror, we are determined to oppose every source of catastrophic harm that threatens our country, our friends, and our allies. And we oppose a uniquely dangerous regime that has harbored terrorists and can supply terrorists with weapons of mass destruction.

  • The time has come for the Iraqi people to escape oppression, find freedom and live in hope. In confronting this threat, America seeks the support of the world. If action becomes necessary, we will act in the interests of the Iraqi people and the world.