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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
October 17, 2002

President Delivers Keynote to U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Remarks by the President by Satellite to the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
New Smyrna, Florida

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4:19 P.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you all. I appreciate those kind remarks, Rosario. You're a gran amiga. Buenos dias. I wish I could be with you in person today as the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce salutes Hispanic businesswomen.

The USHCC is one of this country's great business organizations. America's more than 1.2 million Hispanic-owned businesses are transforming our economy, and transforming our country. I'm particularly glad that the USHCC is paying tribute to Hispanic businesswomen. After all, the Hispanic businesswomen are emerging leaders of the American economy. Their success is creating jobs, building communities, and making our nation more open and more inclusive. I am grateful, and America is grateful for the accomplishments of these Hispanic businesswomen.

I appreciate so very much the chair of the Board of Directors of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. I appreciate so very much the President and CEO. I'm honored that you all would invite me. I want you to know that I'm a strong believer in small business because I know that small businesses are the pathway to advancement and success for many Americans, especially women and new arrivals to our country, and to minorities. I believe in small business because I know that two-thirds of all new jobs created in America every year come from small businesses. More than 1 million small businesses are owned by Hispanic Americans. And women-owned small businesses are growing twice as fast as all other United States firms. And this is good news for America.

Small businesses are a great equalizer. The only connections you really need to succeed are happy customers. The only credentials you really need are good products. The only values you need are a willingness to work hard and take risks.

Running a business also brings many personal rewards -- you enjoy the freedom and pride that comes from being your own boss. You achieve success based upon your own abilities. You're helping others to achieve success by providing them with jobs.

Workers and entrepreneurs create the wealth of America; not government. The government does have a responsibility to create an environment where small businesses can grow and prosper. Small businesses grow when taxes are low -- when taxes are low for workers and when taxes are low for entrepreneurs. Low taxes mean more money in the pockets of the people who are building America.

Small businesses grow when the government considers the impact of its regulations, the impact those regulations will have particularly on small employers. We must avoid burdening our entrepreneurs with unnecessary rules and procedures. Small businesses grow when the government's contracting policies encourage competition and don't unfairly favor large businesses at the expense of smaller firms.

And small businesses grow when entrepreneurs can build their businesses without the fear of falling prey to frivolous lawsuits, all designed to make trial lawyers even wealthier.

Our nation has a responsibility to create an environment where the talents of men and women of every origin and background are recognized and rewarded.

Rosario mentioned my appointments to my government. I am proud to serve many, many exceptional Hispanic Americans. One of my jobs is to put the best people in the right jobs in every branch of government. I've done so in the Executive Branch, and I'll do so in the Judiciary Branch, as well. Right now the Senate Judiciary Committee is now considering a friend of mine, a guy named Mike -- Miguel Estrada. He's my nominee for the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. If confirmed, he'll be the first Hispanic ever to serve on this important court.

No one can deny that he's well-qualified. No one can deny he's a great lawyer and that he's highly skilled. Yet, unfortunately, there are senators who play politics with Miguel Estrada's nomination. There are senators searching for any reason to defeat him.

I call upon the Senate leadership to treat Miguel Estrada with dignity and respect, and to bring his nomination up for the full Senate to confirm him before they adjourn.

He's an American success story. He's an inspiration to many Americans. And he'll be an outstanding judge.

And so I appreciate all of you all who are there today. I appreciate so very much Elizabeth and George, and the many of you there today to bear witness to the great opportunities found in this country. Opportunities borne of freedom and equality. These values make us strong, and we will defend them, no matter how long it takes.

Gracias por su dedicacion a la excelencia. Gracias por demostrar que el sueno Americano es posible para todos los que lo desean en su corazon. Y aprecio su amor por esta gran nacion. Y Dios los bendiga a todos y que Dios los bendiga a Los Estados Unidos.

END 4:26 P.M. EDT