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For Immediate Release
September 25, 2002

Global Message

  • Iraqi weapons of mass destruction are a danger to us all. The UK government's dossier helps make clear the growing threat that we must confront.

  • The President has urged the UN Security Council to act now to enforce its own resolutions. He expects that the UN will live up to its responsibilities. But the world should not doubt the resolve of the United States to do what is necessary to defend its national security interests.

  • Secretary Powell continues to work closely with UN Security Council members and other parties to draft language for a new, effective UNSC resolution that:

  • Makes clear that what is required is nothing less than full compliance with all UNSC resolutions
  • Sets a relatively short time for compliance
  • Makes clear the potential consequences if the regime fails to act.

  • The President is consulting closely with Congress as it moves toward a joint resolution. It is important for this nation be united in confronting the threat posed by Saddam Hussein's regime.