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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
April 18, 2002

Statement by the President

All Americans are deeply saddened by the deaths yesterday of four brave Canadian military personnel in Afghanistan--and by the injuries sustained by eight others. I immediately expressed to Prime Minster Chretien my deepest sorrow and sympathy at this tragic accident. Canada's fallen heroes and their families are in our hearts and prayers.

Canada is a vital member of a mighty coalition against terrorism and hatred. It is shouldering great burdens and making tremendous sacrifices to make the world a safer place for all people. It is doing so in defense of the values that define the Canadian nation and that unite our two peoples.

As I told the Prime Minister, we will work together with Canada in a thorough and timely investigation to determine exactly how yesterday's tragedy in Afghanistan occurred. We will draw every possible lesson from what happened and do everything we can to protect coalition forces engaged in this vitally important mission.

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