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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
March 23, 2002

Fact Sheet
Andean Regional Initiative

Under President Bush's leadership, $782 million in assistance has been approved for the Andean region in fiscal year 2002. The Andean Regional Initiative (ARI) advances the President's goal of strengthening democracy, regional stability, and economic development throughout the hemisphere.

Intertwined Problems: The Andes produce virtually all of the world's cocaine and an increasing amount of heroin.  Governments in the region seek to combat drug production and trafficking while strengthening democratic institutions, improving their ability to deliver service to their people, creating a more transparent and efficient judicial system, protecting human rights, reducing corruption, and increasing legal employment opportunities. The ARI addresses these multifaceted challenges.

Comprehensive, Balanced Approach:

  • The ARI sustains support for Colombia, the leading source of drug production and violence, while enhancing support to Colombia's neighbors to fortify their efforts to preempt 'spillover? from the Colombian conflict.
  • The ARI contains major increases in assistance to help Bolivia and Peru guard against a resurgence in coca cultivation through interdiction and alternative development programs, and gives a boost to Ecuador's efforts to gain greater control of its northern border region.
  • Assistance to Venezuela, Panama, and Brazil focuses on border controls, economic development, judicial improvements and counternarcotics assistance.
  • The ARI provides a balance between law enforcement and security programs, and social and economic development.  Alternative development, judicial reform, and economic growth projects are important components of this package.

In Millions of Dollars

Country Counternarcotics
and Security
Economic and Social
Bolivia $ 48.000 $ 74.463 $122.463
Brazil $  6.000 $ 12.630 $ 18.630
Colombia $243.500 $137.000 $380.500
Ecuador $ 15.000 $ 31.855 $ 46.855
Panama $  5.000 $  8.500 $ 13.500
Peru $ 75.000 $119.873 $194.873
Venezuela $  5.000 $  0.500 $  5.500
Total $397.500 $384.821 $782.321

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