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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
December 17, 2001

Statement by the Press Secretary

On Friday, December 14th, as a follow-up to the President's physical examination in August of this year, four small benign skin lesions were identified on the President's cheeks, forehead and temple.  The lesions were treated and removed with liquid nitrogen in the White House physician's office.  The lesions on the President's cheeks are very early actinic keratoses (also known as "AK's"), similar to those identified and treated during his August physical examination.  The two on his forehead and temple are seborrheic keratoses and were frozen incidental to the "AK's."

Given the prevalence and benign nature of the lesions, standard procedure is freezing the lesions with liquid nitrogen.  No biopsies were indicated, nor were any taken.  It is not uncommon to notice redness, darkening of the lesion, or peeling of the skin (similar to a sunburn) after freezing.  As is recommended for all individuals with a history of, or anticipating, significant sun exposure, the President routinely uses sunscreen and receives periodic evaluations.