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September 4, 2001

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Remarks at White House Web Site Launch, August 31, 2001

THE PRESIDENT: I appreciate so very much the website being available in more than just one language. There are a lot of Spanish-speaking folks in America and they'll be able to access the website. And that's important, because I want all Americans to understand that our priorities coming into the fall will be our economy, education, opportunity and security. And concerned citizens can read about those four categories, those four priorities of the administration, across the web page.

I'm thrilled at the progress we're making with Mexico. What you'll see is that our administrations -- mine, and that of Vicente Fox -- are cooperating better than any administrations in the past, on a wide range of issues. And I'm very pleased with the progress we're making. The immigration issue is one that is a complex issue. We've made progress on principles.

And President Fox knows that the issue will require more than just the administrations involvement, it requires a willing Congress to address the issue. So we'll be discussing principles, starting with people need to be treated well and treated respectfully. And then it makes sense for the United States to help match willing -- a willing employee with a willing employer. It's in our nation's interest, that if someone's looking for a worker, that we figure out how to combine the two.

And we made great progress. I was briefed this morning by Colin Powell and John Ashcroft on their meetings with their counterparts in Mexico. I think it's safe to say, without hyperbole, that the interaction between our administrations is the best it's ever been, of any administration in the past.