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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
August 23, 2001

President Speaks to the Press
Remarks by the President to the Pool
Ridgewood Country Club
Waco, Texas

7:27 A.M. CDT

     THE PRESIDENT:  Good morning. I'll see you all at the school.

     Q    Uh-oh, what does that mean?

     THE PRESIDENT:  In Crawford.

     Q    For what?

     Q    You're going to drop by?

     THE PRESIDENT:  I'm going to drop by the school after, so we'll have a little chance to visit then.  To thank them for letting you all stay at the elementary school.  Obviously, nobody told you.

     Q    Thanks for the heads up.

     THE PRESIDENT:  We're going to have an impromptu stop.  I will decide on my way home to stop by the school.  (Laughter.)

     Roland Betts, my good friend from New York City.

     Let's go, hit them up.

     And we'll -- we can have a little visit there, if you like.  That way, it won't ruin my golf game.  (Laughter.)

     Q    Looking forward to your game?

     THE PRESIDENT:  Yes, I'm looking forward to getting out here.

     Had a nice visit with Mitch Daniels this morning.

     Q    He down here?

     THE PRESIDENT:  No, I called him.

     Q    Is that a Masters souvenir, your glove?

     THE PRESIDENT:  I think somebody must have sent me that.  I haven't been there in a while.  Beautiful course.

     All right, excuse me.

     * * * * *

     THE PRESIDENT:  So I won't be a professional golfer.

     Q    I'm going to go find that ball.  I'm going to find that one.

     THE PRESIDENT:  The first one?  If you can find that first one, you're a pretty good bird-dog.  (Laughter.)

     Is everybody enjoying themselves here?

     Q    I only just got here, so --

     THE PRESIDENT:  Yes, I know.  Where have you been?

     Q    Sucking up the salt air on the west coast.

     THE PRESIDENT:  Brie and cheese?

     Q    No, tennis.

     THE PRESIDENT:  Okay.

     Q    Have a good round, Mr. President.

END                                                     7:32 A.M.