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For Immediate Release
March 20, 2001

Press Briefing Excerpt by Ari Fleischer 03/20/01

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MR. FLEISCHER: Several hundred. The President has nominated -- actually, there are three stages of the nominations, Jim. The President intends to name -- that is the first step where the President -- people have already gone through a sufficient level of the background clearances that the President puts their announcement out publicly.

The second step is the formal nomination to the United States Senate, and typically there is about four to five weeks that is done prior to the President's intention to name. Following that is the Senate nomination after all security investigations are complete, and then you await confirmation by the Senate.

The President is very pleased with the progress that he has made, given the fact we had a shortened transition, and we anticipate, as you have been able to see in the last week to two, an accelerating pace of nominations.

Q But you still have several hundred left to fill, you say?

MR. FLEISCHER: To name, correct. But, again, the President's pleased with the pace. It's an accelerating pace, and it's a reflection of the shortened transition.

Q Do you have a number for how many you have named? MR. FLEISCHER: I don't have a hard number on that. We can get that for you; I'd be more than happy to. Anne Womack will have that available.