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Tales of Hope
in the Oval Inbox

Dear Mr. President,

I know you have thousands of these to go through, so I will just share a brief story. On my way to work Wednesday I was compelled to go to Church and say a prayer. My Church is farther away than where I work. Having no Orthodox Church nearby, I drove around town looking for an open Church and found the Roman Catholic Church to be open. As I was going up the stairs, a man said that he was glad the Church was open. I said I was also, even though I wasn't Catholic. He said that he wasnt either- he was Jewish. And then he said something profound. He said that something like this transcends all religions, and it doesn't matter where we pray, just as long as we do. God will hear our prayers no matter where we are. May God grant eternal rest to the departed, comfort to the families, support to the survivors, strength to the rescuers, and protection to our Country.

May God Bless You, your family and staff, our Armed Forces and all Americans. And may God Bless the United States of America.

From a freedom-lover

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