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 Iraq Resolution Photo Essay

President George W. Bush addresses the United Nations General Assembly in New York City September 12, 2002, "We meet one year and one day after a terrorist attack brought grief to my country, and brought grief to many citizens of our world. Yesterday, we remembered the innocent lives taken that terrible morning," said the President addressing the threat of Iraq. "Today, we turn to the urgent duty of protecting other lives, without illusion and without fear." President George W. Bush gives a thumbs-up from Air Force One in Waco, Texas, Sept. 26. "We are engaged in a deliberate and civil and thorough discussion. We are moving toward a strong resolution," said the President during a bi-partisan press conference earlier in the day. "The Iraqi dictator must be disarmed. These requirements will be met, or they will be enforced."
Speaking from Air Force One, President Bush discusses current issues with world leaders Sept. 27. As the President solidifies the United States' resolve against the Iraq regime, he has been in regular contact with leaders from Europe, Asia and the rest of the world. Amid applause and chants of, "U.S.A, U.S.A," President Bush spoke at the Cocinino County Fairgrounds in Flagstaff, AZ, Sept. 27. "I went to the United Nations, and I said as clearly as I could, in order for you to be an effective organization, you must deal with him," said the President. "If you don't, we will lead a coalition which will. We cannot allow the world's worst leaders. There's no negotiation, there's no discussion, this man must disarm like he said he would do. After 11 years of deceit, this man must disarm." President George W. Bush along with bipartisan leaders from the House and Senate announced the Joint Resolution to authorize the use of the United States Armed Forces against Iraq. "The statement of support from the Congress will show to friend and enemy alike the resolve of the United States," President Bush said during the announcement in the Rose Garden, Wednesday, October 2.

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