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100 Days of Progress in Iraq



August 8, 2003, marks the hundredth day since the end of major combat operations in Iraq. Results in Iraq: 100 Days Toward Security and Freedom presents highlights of the successes shared by post-Saddam Iraqis and their partners in the renewal of their nation.

Under the leadership of the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) and the new Iraqi Governing Council, major strides are being planned and made in three key areas: security, economic stability and growth, and democracy.

As this report is issued, the CPA is working with Iraqis to implement a strategic plan with measurable goals. Outside observers and coalition leaders agree that much remains to be done to restore order and bring prosperity to a brutalized society and an infrastructure suffering from decades of malign neglect. The steps toward sovereignty and democracy will be difficult and require patience and time.

Substantial progress is being made on all fronts. As President Bush said last week, the "success of a free Iraq will ... demonstrate to other countries in that region that national prosperity and dignity are found in representative government and free institutions... As freedom advances in the Middle East, those societies will be less likely to produce ideologies of hatred and produce recruits for terror."

This report focuses on 10 areas where the liberation of Iraq has improved the lives of Iraqis and the safety and security of the world. Some examples in this report include:

  1. For the first time in the lives of most Iraqis, a representative government is being established and human rights and freedom are being enshrined.
  2. Nearly 3 dozen countries are contributing financially to the renewal of Iraq, and 19 countries are providing personnel for Operation Iraqi Freedom.
  3. The food distribution system is functioning, based on equitable needs rather than cronyism.
  4. Nearly all Iraqi children have finished exams from last year. All universities are open.
  5. A $53 million program to rehabilitate more than 100 schools and clinics is underway.

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