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Global Messages

America and our coalition partners are doing the hard work of disarming Saddam Hussein's regime and liberating the Iraqi people. The Global Message includes the Administration's key points about this conflict and the most important issues facing America and all freedom-loving people.


April 14, 2004

President Bush Outlines the Strategy for Iraq's Transition from Dictatorship to Freedom

"Above all, the defeat of violence and terror in Iraq is vital to the defeat of violence and terror elsewhere; and vital, therefore, to the safety of the American people. Now is the time, and Iraq is the place, in which the enemies of the civilized world are testing the will of the civilized world. We must not waver." --President Bush, 4/13/04. Click Here for Full Transcript


4/14/2004 > From a joint statement by President Bush and Egyptian President Mubarak, 4/12/04
4/13/2004 > From President Bush's Radio Address, 4/10/04
4/9/2004 > From remarks by NSA Rice in testimony before the 9/11 Commission, 4/8/04
4/8/2004 > From remarks by Secretary Rumsfeld, 4/7/04
4/7/2004 > From remarks by CPA Administrator Bremer in interviews with NBC's "Today" show, CNN's "American Morning," and CBS's "Early Show," 4/5/04
4/6/2004 > From remarks by President Bush to the traveling press corps, Charlotte, North Carolina, 4/5/04
4/2/2004 > From remarks by Ambassador Bremer at a commencement ceremony for Iraqi police officers, 4/1/04
4/1/2004 > From the Congressional testimony of Charles Duelfer, Director of Central Intelligence Special Advisor for Strategy regarding Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction Programs, 3/30/04
3/31/2004 > From a letter from Counsel to the President Gonzales to 9-11 Commission Chairmen Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton, 3/30/04
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