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White House Summit on International Development: Sustaining the New Era

Video Introduction to Plenary Four

Male Voice-Over on Video: Most important is that we make people self-sufficient. And if we get the economy moving, we get food being produced, which is what we're engaged in right now, we can ensure that the people can feed themselves.

Second Male Voice-Over on Video: Through innovative investments, strategic partnerships and expanded trade, America helps strengthen developing nations and extend new opportunities to men and women across the globe.

First Lady Laura Bush on Video: U.S. Agency for International Development produced Transforming Lives - Women on the Road to Economic Freedom to show how women in Asia and the Near East are working for economic freedom.

Woman on Video: Aside from the money that I gain for, I also gain friends.

Second Male Voice-Over on Video: As we invest in the economic stability of growing nations while holding them to high standards, we help deliver the promise of a more hopeful tomorrow.