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Strengthening The Judiciary

“A President has fewer greater responsibilities than that of nominating men and women to the courts of the United States. A Federal judge holds a position of great influence and respect, and can hold it for a lifetime. When a President chooses a judge, he is placing in human hands the authority and majesty of the law. He owes it to the Constitution and to the country to choose with care…. My nominees today and in the years to come will be notable for their distinction and accomplishments. And all will be exceptional for their humanity and their integrity.”

– President George W. Bush, May 9, 2001

The Accomplishments

Choosing Outstanding Nominees for the Judiciary 

  • President Bush has appointed individuals who clearly understand the role of a judge is to interpret the law, not to legislate from the bench .
  • The President has nominated 51 individuals to the Federal courts of appeals and 174 individuals to the Federal district courts (as of August 2004). 
  • These nominees come from diverse backgrounds and share sterling credentials and the highest standards of legal training, character, and judgment 99 percent have been rated either well-qualified or qualified by the American Bar Association.
  • One non-partisan study conducted last year concluded, based on a review of American Bar Association ratings, that the President's nominees are “the most qualified appointees” of any recent Administration