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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
August 19, 2002

Commerce Secretary Evans and Governor Ridge to Lead National Homeland Security Expo

The U.S. Department of Commerce announced today they will host, in cooperation with the Office of Homeland Security, the Homeland Security Expo September 18-19, 2002, at the D.C. Armory in Washington, D.C. Small, medium, and large high-tech companies from across the nation are expected to showcase America's most cutting-edge security technology products to help law enforcement, the military and the private sector meet security needs.

The expo responds to the President's National Strategy for Homeland Security which calls for stronger coordination with state and local government and the private sector and an increased use of America's talents and resources to enhance our protection and reduce our vulnerability to terrorist attacks. The expo is intended to create a forum where the tech industry can meet directly with federal, state and local government procurement officials and demonstrate their products.

"This event responds to industry's call for greater understanding of the homeland security procurement processes and a need to demonstrate industry's commitment to homeland security innovations," said Secretary Evans. "The applications that will be displayed will offer a glimpse of how important technology is to the economic and homeland security of all Americans."

"Homeland security is a shared responsibility. We must organize and mobilize the nation's resources at every level to protect Americans from future terrorist attacks," said Governor Tom Ridge. "This expo provides an excellent forum to support the need for involvement from the private sector who can greatly assist in supporting the Administration's national and local strategies and help Americans achieve a shared cooperation in the area of homeland security for years to come."

The two-day expo will feature remarks by Commerce Secretary Evans and Governor Ridge as well as speeches from other key Administration officials, Capitol Hill, and the private sector, as well as an exhibit floor featuring several hundred companies. The expo is sponsored by the Department of Commerce's Technology Administration and Bureau of Industry and Security, in cooperation with the Office of Homeland Security.

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