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The Administration is aggressively implementing the objectives of the President’s National Strategy for Homeland Security and National Strategy for Combating Terrorism, rooting out terrorism abroad, forming international coalitions, equipping first responders with additional tools, enhancing intelligence capabilities, cutting off terrorist financing, securing our borders and transportation systems, enhancing response capabilities, developing medical countermeasures, and adding protective measures for critical infrastructure. All Federal agencies are integrating their efforts better than ever before and coordinating with state, local, and private entities to prevent future terrorist attacks on American soil.

International and domestic efforts have led to the removal of terrorist leaders and personnel and the disruption of numerous plots. Iraq and Afghanistan no longer provide state-sponsored or government-supported sanctuary and training grounds for terrorist groups. Initiatives by the United States have provided good governance, health and education, and given more countries the opportunity to be active participants in the global economy, strengthening states that terrorists might otherwise seek to exploit.

The United States is working aggressively with its regional and international partners to combat terrorism. The threat is global, and the United States is coordinating its response by building alliances, increasing capacity, and reducing vulnerabilities.

The United States and its allies have made great progress in the Global War on Terrorism, but we must maintain our dedication and vigilance. While many terrorists have been brought to justice, others are plotting to attack us. We will remain on the offensive, preemptively stopping terrorists seeking to do harm against the United States, its citizens and partners, and creating an international environment that is inhospitable to terrorists and all those who support them. Victory against terrorism will occur through the sustained efforts of a global coalition dedicated to ridding the world of those who seek to destroy our freedom and way of life.

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