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Barney Cam Photo Essay
Photo of Barney under the tree.
Photo of Barney under the tree.
Barney Bush plays on the White House lawn with his red ball. Barney poses for the cameras under the White House Christmas Tree in the Blue Room, Monday Dec. 9, 2002.
Photo of Barney under the tree. Always into mischief, Barney gave White House staffers quite a chase during this year's filming of the Barney cam. Take a look behind the scenes at Barney's holiday fun.
As the White House is decorated for the season's Christmas receptions, Barney takes his own private tour of the Cross Hall. Barney helps Mrs. Bush give the media a tour of the White House decorations.
President Bush and Barney take a few moments on the South Lawn to enjoy the season's first snowfall. Barney goes nose to nose with the White House decorations in the East Room.