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Historical White House Christmas
Historical Christmas Images at the White House
View of the Cross Hall during Christmas.
View of the Cross Hall during Christmas.
This picture illustrates a Christmas view in the Blue Room during the Herbert Hoover administration. View of the Cross Hall during Christmas.
Another Christmas view of the Cross Hall. The silver-tinseled 1954 Eisenhower Tree was the sight of busy activity for the President's family. The Eisenhower grandchildren enjoyed the excitement of opening their presents under this beautiful tree.
First Lady Betty Ford and her daughter Susan making Christmas garlands. Images of Mrs. Ford and Susan making Christmas ornaments.
Mrs. Ford and Susan making the final Christmas touches. Susan Ford watches her mother decorating their Christmas tree.
Mrs. Ford happily hanging the last ornament to their Christmas tree. A view of the Ford's Christmas tree.
This illustrates another Christmas image during the holiday seasons. First Lady hanging the last ornaments to the Christmas tree.
The Big Bird crew performing for children during Christmas at the White House.