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A Report from the White House Fellows
  Summer 2003 VOLUME 27 Number 3
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Fellows Corner

Fellows Reflect on Their Year

"The fellowship year exceeded all my expectations. The education program, the fellowship, and my placement experiences helped me to grow as an individual and as a leader. I also gained a new understanding for the challenges facing our nation, and a new respect for the work done by our career and political public servants"
- Cesar Aristeiguieta

"I came into this year hoping to learn from some of our nation's current leaders in the public and private sectors. Those expectations were met and very much surpassed. However, the highlight of my year was the time I spent learning from and interacting with my peers in the Fellows Program. They were all so impressive in their own right and I am grateful for the chance to have learned something on leadership and public service from each and every single one of them"
- Cesar Conde

"The White House Fellowship exceeded my expectations in all areas: the fellowship, placement, and education program. It demystified the executive branch and continues to provide constant opportunities for growth and discovery that will extend far beyond the end of the fellowship year"
- Heather Graham

.My year has exceeded every one of my greatest expectations . and I had very high expectations. I am forever grateful for this opportunity, and I hope always to make the President, his Commission, and the alumni association proud to have me as a White House Fellow. Thank you"
- Richard Greco

"Serving as a White House Fellow has been a great privilege that has exceeded my highest expectations. The opportunity I.ve had to work in the West Wing and learn from some of the best minds in government has equipped me with a deep respect and affection for the strength of the American system of governance while providing me with a unique education that could not be duplicated elsewhere. I.m very fortunate to have had this opportunity"
- Jon Spaner

"As a White House Fellow, I learned and grew professionally while working alongside great leaders and mentors. Through this experience, I was able to contribute to America in ways that were completely unimaginable"
- Barry Williams

The White House Fellows prepare for a tour of the DeBeers diamond mine in South Africa.
The White House Fellows prepare for a tour of the DeBeers diamond mine in South Africa.

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