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Easter Egg Roll


The White House Easter Egg Roll
Text by C.L. Arbelbide
Illustrations by Barbara Leonard Gibson
Courtesy of the White House Historical Association


President and Mrs. Hayes would save the day,
Inviting the children to the White House to play.

The President’s backyard was the perfect place,
Hills for egg-rolling and plenty of space.

Room to jump rope, and picnic under trees,
Room to trade eggs and Easter memories.

John Philip Sousa stood on a stand,
Directing the music of the Marine Band.

Their red coats were brilliant; their instruments shone,
Every trumpet and flute and golden trombone.

Hand-clapping, toe-tapping, music fast and slow,
People-laughing, children dancing – moving to and fro.

To meet President Harrison, children everywhere,
Squeezed into the East Room, not an inch to spare.

Their giggles and laughter added to the fun.
A loose balloon floated past George Washington.

Children at the fountain, sailing egg-shell boats,
Talking, laughing and asking, “Would they stay afloat?”

As they bobbed and bobbed, more children came,
To sail their tiny boats and join in this new game.

Waiting, waiting, waiting – children wanting to go in,
Standing, standing, standing – when, when, when?

Thank goodness for the vendor who lingered on the street,
Selling to egg-rollers their favorite ice cream treat.

Finally, finally, finally, the line began to budge,
Slowly, slowly, slowly – nudge, nudge, nudge.

The line is getting shorter; we’ll be inside soon.
Wait – I’ll be right back – I want a red balloon!

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Children jumping rope.






"A loose balloon floated past George Washington."

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