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President's Trip to Asia

President Discusses Freedom and Democracy
in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Mongolia has made the transition from communism to freedom, and in just 15 years, you've established a vibrant democracy and opened up your economy. You're an example of success for this region and for the world. I know the transition to liberty has not always been easy and Americans admire your patience and your determination. By your daily efforts, you're building a better life for your children and your grandchildren. And I've come to tell you, as you build a free society in the heart of Central Asia, the American people stand with you.

-- President George W. Bush
Conference Hall
Government House
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
November 21, 2005

President's Remarks to the Travel Pool in China

I was also pleased with our talks with both President Hu and Premier Wen. We have a complex relationship and it's a really important relationship. I mean, China is a big, growing, strong country. And it's very important for me to maintain a good working relationship with the leadership here. And we've got that. And the reason that's important is that it enables me to talk about the values that are important to America. It also enables me to talk about the interests of our workers and farmers. China is a trading partner, and we expect the trade with China to be fair. We expect our people to be treated fairly here in this important country.

And so I had a chance to talk about a variety of subjects -- intellectual property rights and the currency, access to our markets for U.S. beef. And it was a good, frank discussion.

-- President George W. Bush
Beijing, People's Republic of China
November 20, 2005

President Addresses Troops
at Osan Air Base in Osan, Korea

"For half a century American servicemen and women have stood faithful and vigilant watch here in Korea. You've kept the peace and you secured the freedom won at great cost in the Korean War. You've ensured that no American life was lost in vain. In five decades, since Task Force Smith first landed at Pusan, the world has watched America's steadfast and unwavering commitment to freedom."

-- President George W. Bush
Osan, Republic of Korea
November 19, 2005

President and President Roh
Discuss Strong U.S.-Korean Alliance

"...Mr. President, I look forward to continuing to work with you to promote a foundation for peace and freedom, whether it be here on the peninsula, or around this globe. And I know I've got a good partner in peace and freedom when I have discussions with you. So thanks for your hospitality. Really gracious of you to ... make time for a bilateral meeting in the midst of all your planning for the APEC summit. And Laura and I are just thrilled to be here."

-- President George W. Bush
Gyeongju, Republic of Korea
November 17, 2005

President Discusses Freedom and Democracy
in Kyoto, Japan

"In the 21st century, freedom is an Asian value -- because it is a universal value. It is freedom that enables the citizens of Asia to live lives of dignity. It is freedom that has unleashed the creative talents of the Asian people. It is freedom that gives the citizens of this continent confidence in the future of peace for their children and grandchildren. And in the work that lies ahead, the people of this region can know: You have a partner in the American government -- and a friend in the American people."

-- President George W. Bush
Kyoto, Japan
November 16, 2005

President and Prime Minister of Japan
Discuss Strong Relationship

"It's no secret in my country that you and I have got a good relationship. I value you as a close friend. I appreciate our candid discussions, just like we had today. Relationships -- or the relationship between the United States and Japan is a vital relationship, and it's a very strong relationship. And a strong relationship enables us to work together to help keep the peace.

I admire the Prime Minister's political courage. I haven't had a chance to publicly congratulate him on winning his election. But he did so, and he did so in a way that confirms the great strength of democracy. He said, I'm going to take my message to the people, and we'll let the people make the decision as to whether or not there ought to be reforms here in Japan. And as a result of your courageous decision, Mr. Prime Minister, you prevailed. And I want to congratulate you for that."

-- President George W. Bush
Kyoto, Japan
November 16, 2005

President to Travel to
Japan, South Korea, China and Mongolia

President Bush will travel to Busan, Republic of Korea to attend the 13th Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Leaders' Meeting on November 18-19. At APEC, the President will continue his dialogue with APEC Leaders on ways to promote free trade and economic growth, and deepen regional security cooperation. The President will meet with President Roh Moo-Hyun in Gyeongju, Republic of Korea on November 17, and hold bilateral meetings with other leaders while at APEC.

On November 15, President Bush will visit Kyoto, Japan. He will meet with Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi on November 16. Following the APEC meetings in the Republic of Korea, the President will travel to Beijing, China on November 19 at the invitation of President Hu Jintao and to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia to meet with President Enkhbayar on November 21.

2005 APEC Summit

November 18-19, 2005

The President will attend the APEC Leader's Meeting in Busan, Korea
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