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How familiar are you with the President's Cabinet?



1. Who is Secretary of the State?
Donald Rumsfeld
Dick Cheney
Colin Powell
Condoleezza Rice
2. Which department oversees the U.S. Mint?
Department of Agriculture
Department of Housing and Urban Development
Department of the Treasury
The Herb Growers of America
3. The Council on Environmental Quality is located within:
The Executive Office of the President
Environmental Protection Agency
Department of Interior
Department of Veterans Affairs
Fenway Park
4. What department is located at the Pentagon?
United States Congress
Department of Justice
Department of Labor
Department of Defense
Macy's Department Store
5. Transportation Secretary Mineta has a distinguished background. He also served as:
Ambassador to Antarctica
U.S. Congressman
Mayor of Philadelphia
1997 Bullriding Champion
6. The U.S. Forest Service falls under:
Department of Interior
Department of Agriculture
Department of Justice
Environmental Protection Agency
White House Photographer's Office
7. Which is not a Cabinet level agency?
8. Who is the newest Cabinet member in the Bush Administration?
Secretary Ridge
Secretary Snow
Secretary Mineta
Secretary Jackson
Brooks & Dunn
9. Which agency was created in President Bush's Administration?
Department of Labor
United States Trade Representative
Department of Homeland Security
Department of Education
Department of Baseball
10. Who is this?
Secretary Snow
Secretary Veneman
Ambassador Zoellick
Secretary Abraham
Michael Jordan