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Behind the Scenes: State of the Union Preparation



Nothing tells a story like a picture. The White House invites you to view these photographs of a President interacting with the people he serves and representing their interests to the world.


Home for the Holidays
Presidential Homes
Decking the Halls
White House Tree
Presidential Holiday Cards
National Tree
Holiday Cheer
Menorah Lighting
Spotty & Barney's Holiday Tail
Sept. 11 Responses
International Response
(Sept. 12-Oct. 15)
American Response
(Sept. 11-14)
Standing for the Flag

At Home
We the People
(Spring 2001)
Independence Day
(July 4)
Heartland Tour
(Aug. 7-29)

First Glances
First Weeks
First 100 Days


International Discourse
World Leaders
(Feb. 5-April 16)
World Leaders
(April 16-June 11)
Europe & NATO
(June 11-16)
World Leaders
(June 26-30)
Britain, Italy & Kosovo
(July 19-24)
President Putin Visit
(Nov. 13-15)

State Visit
State Arrival of Mexican President
(Sept. 5)
State Dinner Preparations
(Sept. 5)
State Dinner
(Sept. 5)
State Visit Day 2
(Sept. 6)

Vice President Cheney
Profile of the Vice President

Laura Welch Bush
Profile of Mrs. Bush

Take me out to the tee-ball game!
Game 1: Sox vs. Rockies
(May 7)
Game 2: Brewers vs. Parrots
(June 3)
Game 3: Challengers vs. Challenger Hawks
(July 15)

Presidential Pets
Spotty, Barney, India and Ofelia's Photo Album

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